Just some accessories shopping

Yes, I'm finally back. Not much to write, but some shopping to post! All accessories, as lately I haven't had much time to do some serious shopping..

1. Kiko Cosmetics Nail Laquer, color 265, 3.90 euros.
I've also bought 134 (transparent gold) and 262 (dark violet). I love Kiko's nail products, they're super-resistent, and also cheap. I'm really happy that they've opened a store here. Any advice on which color should be next?

2. H&M Bracelet set, 7.90 euros
Set of 8 metal bracelets, which can be used together or alone. I really love them together, but I have to admit that the black one is very useful used alone for more elegant outfits. I'm still unsure, but I think I'm going to buy the gold version too.

3. H&M scarf, 12 euros.
The picture isn't that beautiful I know. The color is more bright and vibrant, between the colors blue, light blue and violet. It is really soft and comfortable, and gives that special touch if used with plain tees.

4. H&M Gold & Colorful necklace
A gift for my mum, to be honest. But since we share things here we are.. This is nothing particular, but she liked it a lot, so..

5. H&M Phyton-like Flats, 9.90 euros
Honestly, they're H&M Kids.. and they were not for sale, just a bigger size for exposition. Do I regret changing them in the store? Absolutely not!

6. Suede pumps, 59 euros
Heel of 12 cm, plateau. I saw them and bought them the day after, I just couldn't resist! Despite the high heel they're really confortable, and combine well with casual yet more elegant outfits.

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