Like a rockstar!

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After months and months of searching I finally found 'em: the liquid leggings are mine! That's a relief, cause I was starting to think that I would never find the right size.
But here they are, shiny and tight. Oh.. I love them so much!

They give that rocker style I've been looking for so long.

I have to admit I'm obsessed with a tv carachter, who goes by the name of Effy. She's one of the main carachters of the third season of Skins, which I totally love. She's gorgeous, rebel, and stylish although the baggy clothes. And she has great eyes too (wish I had them..).

Doesn't she remind of Agnes of Gossip Girl a little bit?

Btw.. I love this rocker style, and I hope it will last.

See ya!




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